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How do you make ROAR chocolate?

We make each Roar chocolate bar by hand in small batches and we start from the finest unroasted cacao beans.
We blend the ingredients by hand and eye and we use certified organic ingredients wherever possible.
Our policy is to keep very little made stock and much of our chocolate is made to order.
It might take longer to fullfil your order but the chocolate then is as fresh as possible even though it has a one year shelf life.
We mould and wrap all the chocolate by hand.
The chocolate is never heated above 42


Exact method and recipes I can not say as the chocolate maker's secrets are closely guarded, ask Willie Wonka!!
However for the first time ever I've been persuaded to let abit of the magic out, so there is a simplified version of our technique included in our ROAR Chocolate Alchemy kit which has just been made available.