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Where is ROAR raw cacao from?


Our cacao is carefully sourced from trusted networks that are documented and can be traced back to the source.


Currently we use cacao grown where it indigenously grows in Ecuador (Arriba) and Peru (Criolla) from small scale farms that have grown organically for many years


The people that source our cacao tell us:-


Small scale "the Ecuadorian Cacao that we have is from Los Rios region of Ecuador (aka "Rios Arriba", Cacao from the area of the rivers). In particular Cacao production is based around the Guayas river in traditional, small scale productions.


Organic Certification Our Cacao is all organically certified at source in Ecuador or Peru and in the UK by the Soil Association - nibs, beans, paste, powder and butter. 


Single Origin This single origin Cacao beans are called Nacional de Arriba, which is famed and indigenous to Ecuador. It is considered one of the best flavoured Cacao beans in the world and is renowned for its fruity and floral qualities.


There are lower levels of tannins in the unfermented beans than is usual for Cacao beans and so is naturally less astringent.


Raw It can be fermented differently and be kept raw.


Most Cacao is roasted to bring out the familiar Chocolate flavours but roasting destroys the nutritional properties.

All the production processes are considerate of the potentially damaging effects of roasting and cooking and are avoided. There are no temperatures over 120 degrees Fahrenheit used in any of the processes.


Fairly Traded Carla and Santiago who we work with in Ecuador have won the trust of small scale Cacao growers and have established working relationships with them giving them 30% more than the going price for their produce, but with that comes a commitment of following organic certification processes and production standards set by Santiago and experts in Cacao that work with him."